Motor for agricultural drone Hobbywing X9 MAX
Outstanding heat dissipation and shockproof design
Full dust / waterproof IPX7
Additional protection features
Max. Thrust: 29 kg/axis
Recommended takeoff weight: 12-15 kg/axis
Working temperature: -20 ~ 55 ℃
Combined weight: 1970g
Water resistance: IPX7
Max. Input voltage: 60,9 V
Max. Input current (cont.): 150 А

Maximum power and protection of X9MAX motors. Brand new X9-MAX. The maximum load is 15 kg per axle. Aviation folding blades of a 36-inch propeller, configured from composite material, with a maximum thrust of 29 kg. (Efficiency is better when using a 40-inch propeller.).

The engine uses a Series 9 Hobbywing large frame platform. The electromagnetic design optimizes the system for a single axle load of up to 15 kg. Configured with FOC, ESC is suitable for crop protection enhancement algorithm. Performance and efficiency go hand in hand.