About company

Company “Multicopter Ukraine”.


The company “Multicopter Ukraine” – implementation of unmanned technologies in industry and agriculture.

Ready-made solutions from the company “Multicopter Ukraine” for the agricultural sector using drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

“Multicopter Ukraine” is a dynamically developing company established in 2017 and specializes in services, sales, service and personnel (pilots) training for the use of drones and drones in agriculture and ndustrial facilities.

“Multicopter Ukraine” offers drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the following tasks:


Aerial photography:

Mapping and orthophoto mapping

Energy audit

Spectrozonal NDVI survey for vegetation index determination

Monitoring of fields and other industrial facilities (solar power plants, gas pipelines, pipelines, telecommunications equipment, base stations)

Getting primary information for crop diagnostics

Monitoring the execution of field work

Treatment of fields with drones:

Weed control

Seed and pellet sowing

Trichogramma and gabrobrakon application with VTOL (fixed wing system) and copter-type machines

Insect pest control

Rodent control

Plant disease control

Fertilizing (herbicides, tank mixes, fungicides, insecticides)

Advantages of treating fields with drones relative to traditional methods:

Treatment of high crops without damage

No tramlines

Ability to work on wet soils

No need to transport large amounts of water

Minimum number of personnel needed

Drone operation at night and daytime

Uniform and targeted application of spray liquid by helical copter streams

15 to 50% CIP savings

Possibility of both general and selective treatment of individual areas

The advantages of our devices:

Fast payback period of the equipment

Processing area of 120 hectares per day (12-14 working hours) with one device

The use of the latest industrial platforms with high functionality and reliability

Low operating costs


Own experience of operating these devices in industrial volumes

Modular design, provides high maintainability of units, even in field conditions

Direct two-way communication with the equipment manufacturer

Own service centers (stationary and mobile) and availability of spare parts and accessories in warehouses.