AGR – Q10 2020
The new generation Q10 2020 builds on a stable and reliable foundation
Intelligent Flight Control System AG3
The foldable design greatly enhances portability when transporting and working in the field.
Flight control range: up to 2000m
Loading capacity, tank capacity: 12.4L./10kg
Performance:   3-7 ha/h
Spray width:  3-7 m
Optimal spraying height:   4-6 m
Full load weight:   25.7kg
Unfolded size:   1350×1300×450mm
Folded size:   905×775×585mm
Autopilot control: GPS, AB mode, RTK
Number of nozzles: 4

The new generation Q10 2020 is based on a stable and reliable foundation that meets more agricultural application scenarios. Despite the foldable modular design, the number of parts is reduced and maintenance is more convenient.

Using the AG3 flight control system, it supports a wider set of functions that are easy to use and increase operational efficiency. It also supports the functions of seeding, fertilizing, pollination and spraying.