A small drone with great potential
Lightweight, simple and easy-to-use design
High battery capacity and low consumption
Drone size: 855×855×406 mm
Packing size: 970×970×300 mm
Drone weight (unloaded): 7.1 kg
Full load weight: 15.6 kg
Productivity: 1.5-4 ha/h (1 ha per departure)
Processing width: 2.5-4 m.
Flight control range: 2000 m.

Flight of the first type of FPV. Full feature set, manual mode support,
fully autonomous mode, work in AB point mode, etc.

Compact body, easy to carry. Flexible control suitable for more precise site work. Modular design of the whole drone, easy to maintain
Removable tank and battery, easy to replace. Low consumption
Batteries – One battery charge for spraying two tanks.