XAG XP 2020
XAG XP 2020 Agricultural drone
A rich set of additional functions and accessories
The spraying system can be equipped with controlled centrifugal nozzles
Spraying performance: 8-10 ha/h
Number of nozzles: 4 things
Processing width when sieving seeds and granules: 2-5 m
Spraying width: 4-7 m
Effective processing height: 1.5-5 m
Flight speed: up to 10 meters per second
Flight duration with load: 10 min.
Autopilot control: GPS, AB mode
Loading capacity, tank capacity: 20 kg / l (or 16 kg of seeds, granules)
Flight control range: 1000m.

An agricultural drone from the leading manufacturer XAG®, equipped with replaceable tanks to improve the efficiency of refueling, and can be equipped with a station for automatic preparation of working solution and tank refueling. This significantly improves the performance of this aircraft and gives it a significant advantage over other drones of this type.

You can also purchase additional devices separately, expanding the functionality of the drone, such as a diffuser, charger ($ 870), additional batteries ($ 1130), RTK complex ($ 2700), automatic refueling for tanks and more.

The spraying system is equipped with controlled centrifugal nozzles, which allows you to adjust not only the flow rate of the working solution, but also the size of the micro-droplet without replacing the nozzles or sprayers.